Hicksville’s Francesco’s Hosting ‘Make America Sweet Again’ Event – About Your Online Magazine

HICKSVILLE, NY – Francesco’s in Hicksville is hosting a daily event where customers can vote for their favorite candidate via cookie or cupcake.

The “Make America Sweet Again” event will take place in the local parking lot in Hicksville, which will become an improvised voting destination, with a voting booth and a 3 meter electronic scoreboard, which will calculate and display the votes in real time.

Each “red”, “blue” or “purple” cookie or cookie purchased will count as one vote. Purchases can be made via drive-thru, in person or online.

The face-to-face event will be open on working days from 12 noon. at 6 pm and weekends from 10 am to 6 pm until 3 November.

Purchases over $ 20 will receive a free baseball cap or t-shirt.

A portion of all proceeds during the two-week event will be donated to the John Theissen Children’s Foundation.

Paula Fonseca