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Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychology professor who rose to fame before disappearing from the public eye for almost a year, posted an exciting new video online, explaining that he is back home in Toronto after months of seeking medical treatment for symptoms of abstinence related to the use of benzodiazepines.

“I hope that a lot of that is behind me and I can return to something similar to a normal life,” said Peterson.

In the eight-minute video, Peterson explains that he had been suffering from “serious health problems” after he started using benzodiazepines, medicines like Valium, widely used to treat anxiety, in 2016 or 2017. He then stopped using, that he said led to abstinence and neurological damage, starting the search for experts who could help him.

“It got me in and out of hospitals for most of last year,” he said in the video.

Peterson said he started using benzodiazepines and “he never really thought twice.”

“That was a mistake, to say the least,” he said.

The University of Toronto professor found stardom because of his objection to Bill C-16, a law that added gender identity to Canada’s human rights and criminal codes. He then published the best-selling self-help book 12 Rules for life.He has been a columnist for National Post and is a popular YouTube speaker.

Peterson said that during his treatment, that he said he took him from Connecticut to Russia to Serbia and back home in Canada, what kept him “during what was certainly the worst period of my life” was family, friends and the ability to continue working and writing.

Paula Fonseca