Our View: Let’s be ready for the recovery | Winchester Star – About Your Online Magazine

We Americans, collectively, were not ready for the coronavirus epidemic (if it is possible to really be ready for something like this). We must be ready for recovery.

It will all start when a vaccine against COVID-19 is available. Although the timetable for this is uncertain, it seems safe, effective vaccines will be available early next year. Understandably, it will take longer for protection to be accessible to most people.

In the beginning, vaccines will have to go to those who need them most. The list includes health professionals, first responders – and residents of nursing homes.

Federal health officials have begun to develop a plan to distribute vaccines to nursing homes as quickly and efficiently as possible, according to The Associated Press.

No one knows for sure which formulas will be used for COVID-19 vaccines. Once effective ones are developed, it will take time for the Food and Drug Administration to approve their production and distribution.

But at some point, all of this will happen. Not having a distribution plan in place will further delay obtaining protection for nursing home residents.

Federal officials are considering a plan by which employees of the CVS and Walgreens drugstore chains would deliver vaccines to nursing homes and administer them to residents. If this is the best method of handling the program, it can be a subject for discussion.

That is precisely the point, however. Now, not weeks from now, it is time to discuss disagreements about how to produce, distribute and administer COVID-19 vaccines to Americans.

Paula Fonseca