Tennessee warns of credit card skimmers at gas pumps | News – About Your Online Magazine

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is warning drivers to look for credit card readers at gas stations. Inspectors found five of the devices in fuel pumps across the state in the past six weeks, according to the department.

Skimmers can read and store data from the magnetic strip on a credit or debit card, even when chip readers are in use. The department advises consumers to look for card readers that look different from those around them or that are not securely attached to the pump.

Anyone who suspects that a credit card reader is fraudulent should report the suspected reader to the gas station manager or the Department of Agriculture by calling 1-800-OCTANE1. Consumers must provide the company name, full address and pump number.

Farm inspectors who find the skimmers will immediately remove the pump from service and contact the local authorities.

Paula Fonseca