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Wefinex's ultimate mission is to offer the most convenient, secure and innovative trading solution in the world.

The exponential growth of a fixed-time trading platform, integrating blockchain technology

PORT VILA, VANUATU, 23 October 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Wefinex, the innovative trading platform is ready to attract more traders, introducing a simpler and better way to trade and win. The Wefinex platform provides the financial instruments that allow traders to profit from forecasting the right price for popular cryptocurrency pairs. If the forecast is correct, the trader makes a big profit from the initial value of the trade.

As of the first quarter of 2020, Wefinex’s user base has grown exponentially with the increase in monthly visitors to over 1 million in more than 25 countries. According to Alexa, Wefinex has reached the top 3,000 sites in global Internet traffic and engagement with visitors from around the world, especially Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam.

Wefinex positions its platform as one of the most transparent and highly secure bags. To maintain its transparency for all users, Wefinex has established Bitcoin price indices. These indices are calculated using a wide variety of data sources from other industry-trusted exchanges and published for real-time trading. In addition, the platform uses world-class data and asset protection technology to protect its customers’ assets.

To ensure that customers are satisfied with the platform, the Wefinex team constantly updates and launches new features, such as quick deposit, copy negotiation, challenges, … The team is also constantly developing new tools and highly sophisticated trading indicators to improve the ability of traders to earn profits. Combined with its state-of-the-art, high-performance order-matching engine technology, the platform is fully prepared to serve tens of millions of customers worldwide.

At the heart of its innovation is the Wefinex affiliate program, which provides its partners with two sustainable types of commissions: Agency Commission and Trade Commission. This new approach will strengthen the relationship between agencies and traders, helping each other to earn more together.

In addition to the attractive affiliate program, Wefinex merchants can participate in many activities that help them earn more based on their skills and turnover. With the Daily Draw, 3 winners will be chosen to receive an iPhone worth $ 1000 every day. More than that, there will be weekly challenges that reward winning traders by more than $ 300,000 and monthly challenges that reward winning agencies by more than $ 100,000. The highest price in Challenges for a trader is $ 25,000 and for an agency it is $ 12,000.

Wefinex’s ultimate mission is to offer the most convenient, secure and innovative trading solution in the world. The team is committed to creating an open and decentralized financial system that offers investors from all corners of the world access to global financial markets using cryptocurrency and other innovative financial products. Because it is deeply integrated into the new digital economy using blockchain technology and other revolutionary technologies, Wefinex will empower traders with competitive technology advantages that help them maximize their profits with minimal effort. The team is planning to constantly grow, reach new heights and captivate the whole world with impeccable service and a superior product for negotiation.

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