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Minister of State Varsha Gaikwad made the announcement while in town for a budget meeting with deputy CM

How the coronavirus pandemic This situation has changed the way of education, making it now mainly focused online, the state Education department is working to bridge the gap between what is transmitted in cities and the rural parts of State.

To ensure that the same type of education is provided in all schools and to avoid any kind of discrimination, Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad reported that a special software program for the state’s unique educational needs is being developed.

Unlike other existing software programs that rely on Internet connectivity and do not work properly in areas where Internet connectivity is weak, this will work well even in situations where there is no Internet access.

Gaikwad was in town on Friday for a budget meeting with the deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar where they discussed different possibilities in the education sector.

Pawar said: “The software that will be developed by several educational offices such as Balbharati, the State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT), among others in the state, will ensure that the way of thinking about education changes. The contents of the study program will reach students through a pen drive, if there is no Internet access. The new form of e-learning will be developed taking into account all the agencies’ suggestions. Education can also reach students through television ”.

This software was specially developed to bridge the gap between rural and municipal education, so that all students and schools receive the same form of education. Pawar also reported that, as 95 percent of the education budget is used for teacher salaries, local officials and leaders must use their personal budget as well to improve access in their area. Gaikwad said: “It is also important that teacher recruitment begins as soon as possible to fill the vacancy.”

Due to vacant positions, candidates are also demanding that recruitment efforts be initiated. While recruitment is online, candidates ask the state government to give the process a boost.

Santosh Magar, an aspirant, said: “We support the state government to start recruiting teachers. Due to vacant positions, it has become difficult for schools to function. ”Following the suggestion of public and civic schools in Delhi, Maharashtra will also develop the public education sector along the same lines.

Gaikwad also demanded a Vidnyan Nagari in the state on a 20-acre site that will have several projects and experiments involving education sectors. This will be a model city of education that will feature state-of-the-art educational projects and schools that will also be able to train teachers and educators in the area and receive their suggestions.

Paula Fonseca