Aaron David Pearl charged in first degree robbery in unprovoked assault in Ballard; He remains in jail on $100,000 bail – About Your Online Magazine

The King County Prosecutor’s Office filed a first-degree theft charge against Aaron David Pearl, a man accused of an unprovoked attack on a stranger in Ballard.

The victim was beaten until he was semi-conscious. Her wallet and keys were stolen. The victim’s injuries were so severe that he couldn’t remember the incident, even though he called 911.

The King County Public Prosecutor’s Office asked a judge to keep the defendant in prison for $ 100,000 for the unprovoked attack. A judge agreed. He remains in prison.

Mr. Pearl’s indictment, where he must file an appeal, is set for 8:30 am, January 25, in room E1201A of King County Court.

This is the first case involving Mr. Pearl that has been referred to the King County Prosecutor’s office since 2018, the year in which a bomb threat case that led to a felony conviction was charged. All cases involving Mr. Pearl that have been referred to the King County Public Prosecutor’s Office have resulted in criminal prosecutions.

Billing documents can be found here.

Paula Fonseca