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Jackson, MI – American 1 Credit Union’s executive team and board of directors strategically shifted their attention to improving members’ digital experience, evident from the changes that members saw in 2020.

“The ability to meet everyday, contactless and digital banking needs has become increasingly necessary in recent years – even before the pandemic,” said American 1 Board President Phil Hoffman. “Upgrading our banking technology platforms not only provides additional convenience for our membership, but also the necessary security enhancements.”

Last year, American 1 focused on many digital updates to positively impact the member’s experience with respect to security, efficiency and functionality.

“Being courageously convenient is a priority for us. In recent years, we have focused on brick and mortar, but in 2020 we shifted our focus to digital strategies. Especially since the beginning of a pandemic, there is an even greater need for enhanced digital experiences, and we are grateful that all of these updates are already underway as part of our multi-annual plan, ”said Kristi Edgar, COO and Executive Vice President, American 1 .

In 2020, American 1 released the following technology updates.

· Launched in early 2020, Ask American 1 is an interactive FAQ platform with more than 250 regularly reviewed and updated questions.
· In response to social detachment and the need for remote banking options, the American 1 team launched the mobile check deposit in March, ahead of schedule, to better serve its members.
· In August, American 1 launched a new credit card rewards program and website with better redemption options and a more user-friendly website.
· Launched in September 2020, the new American 1 website is more dynamic and easier to navigate.
· This month, a new Internet Banking platform and mobile application was launched. The update includes enhanced security measures, a personalized member panel, a seamless experience between the desktop and mobile versions, and more.
· The launch of the new Online Banking platform also includes updating electronic statements, now interactive and fully ADA compatible.

“The new online bank update is an experience that we are excited to launch for members, and our team worked diligently to prepare the platform,” said Nicole Patrick, vice president of payments for American 1. “I am proud of the work we did to protect our association, making enhanced security measures one of our top priorities with many of our platforms, but most notably, our new online bank. ”

Established in 1950, American 1 Credit Union now serves more than 59,000 members with 16 branches in Jackson, Washtenaw, Hillsdale, Calhoun, Lenawee and Wayne counties. American 1 is proud to serve members of its communities, creating financial well-being through daily personal banking.

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* Information courtesy of American 1 Credit Union *

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