Anchorage man accused of killing friend in Glenn Highway hit-and-run now charged with second-degree murder – About Your Online Magazine

A 25-year-old man is now facing a second-degree murder charge after he stranded his friend beside Glenn Highway in a cold climate before returning and running him over with his car earlier this month, according to court documents.

Brian McGee was charged last week with an aggravated charge of not providing aid and has since been held at the Anchorage Correctional Complex. Tuesday, police said he received an arrest warrant on the new charge.

On January 2, McGee picked up his friend Chase Bowerson, 26, at his home in Chugiak and headed to a bar on Eagle River, according to a criminal complaint filed by Anchorage police detective Jeff Bell. When the bar closed, the two men went to Wasilla in McGee’s Ford Taurus to continue drinking, the indictment said.

Although McGee initially denied drinking, Bell wrote in the indictment that McGee was seen in the surveillance video drinking at least seven drinks. After leaving Wasilla, McGee drove towards Anchorage, but ended up turning around to leave Bowerson at home, the charges said.

“Brian McGee claimed that Bowerson became belligerent and attacked Brian McGee while he was driving down the Glenn Highway,” the charges said.

McGee told law enforcement officers that he stopped at the side of the highway and “pulled” Bowerson out of the vehicle before speeding out, the detective wrote in the complaint. McGee went to Bowerson’s house and left his belongings at the door, according to court documents.

In the meantime, Bowerson was wearing only a T-shirt and jeans in temperatures that hovered around minus 8 degrees along the highway, the charges said. Police received several reports around 3:48 am on Saturday, describing a man walking along the road, according to an indictment against McGee last week. The police responded that morning and saw footprints along the highway, but were unable to locate a person, according to the prosecution’s documents.

Police were called back to the highway near Hiland’s exit at about 8:40 am for a report of a body on the left side of the road against the central bed, according to the charges. McGee’s license plate and several other car parts were also in the accident, the detective wrote.

During the investigation, fatal accident investigators determined that McGee swerved sharply towards Bowerson and hit him while driving at about 65 mph, Bell wrote.

When the police arrived at McGee’s house that morning, they noticed major damage to his silver Taurus, the charges said.

During an interview, McGee told investigators that he thought he had hit a moose, the charges said. He also admitted that he feared he hit a person and said he “didn’t see him until it was too late,” according to the charges. Instead of stopping, McGee continued another 14 miles to his home, police said in the complaint.

At the time, the police said additional charges were possible. In the second-degree murder charge filed on Tuesday, police said McGee intentionally swerved toward Bowerson “after drinking alcohol and having a fight with him”.

McGee is on $ 250,000 bail on a second-degree murder charge. He is due to appear in court on Wednesday afternoon.

Paula Fonseca