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No matter your skill level, if you have yarn, knitting needles and passion, there is room for you in knitting.

Birch Bark Yarns is presenting his “Sweater Weather knit-a-long”. The virtual knitting will last from January to March 31, 2021. For each sweater completed during this period, the person who made the sweater will participate in a drawing.

Prizes include:

1- A skein of birch bark thread of your choice

2- A set of point markers

3- A guardian of progress

In November, Birch Bark Yarns organized its first knitting, called November Mitt, knitting.

They had 86 people joining the group in November, making an impressive 122 gloves, as well as a series of tuques and scarves, not to mention many new fiber friends.

Simone LeBlanc, the event organizer, said that they had an incredible response from their first knitting and decided to host a knitted sweater because it is a good project to work on during the dark and cold months.

“This pandemic has been difficult for everyone and the blocking periods can be extremely isolating,” said LeBlanc. “Those who seem to be dealing with our situation better are the ones who took this as an opportunity to try something new.”

LeBlanc adds that they will continue to host the events as long as there is interest from the knitting community.

LeBlanc said the event is a great way to connect with other knitters and learn new techniques in a safe and supportive space. Likewise, knitters can step out of their comfort zone and experience new standards.

Those interested in participating need to join the Facebook Sweater Weather K.A.L.

The group is aimed at all knitters, crocheters and makers, from beginner to advanced.

LeBlanc said the pattern they suggest using is a free pattern from TinCanKnits called “Flax”. It is available on the TinCanKnits website and available on the Sweater Weather K.A.L. Facebook group.

The pattern on the sweater includes the size, with instructions for all newborn sizes at 5XL. There are also several tutorials and useful resources available for the standard and links to these resources are published in Sweater Weather K.A.L. Facebook page.

Participants can also make a different pattern or complete a sweater that is in progress to qualify for prizes.

The schedule for this knitting will be a little more relaxed, as blocking makes access to supplies difficult, so participants can start at any time, but must finish their sweaters on time.



Participants are encouraged to post photos of their progress and questions as they go.

LeBlanc said they also encourage participants to use wires from their stock or buy locally. Birch Bark Yarns also has kits available for all the tools needed for this project and contactless delivery can be arranged.

Each knitter chooses what he wants to do with the finished objects, whether to keep the sweater, give as a gift or donate.

Paula Fonseca