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One of the first rioters to invade the Capitol wanted the world see your QAnon shirt – to make sure that “’Q’ could ‘get the credit’”, according to a federal statement.

Douglas Jensen, 41, quickly went viral after being filmed leading a large crowd while chasing them lonely police hero Eugene Goodman through the Capitol halls last Wednesday.

Investigators say the Iowa man confessed to making sure he was among the leaders of the siege to show that many believed in the denied conspiracy theory about Trump leading a secret campaign against enemies and pedophiles from the “deep state”.

Jensen even posted photos of himself excluded in the riot, including a shared by Des Moines Register who shows him with open arms to show his chest, asking: “Do you like my shirt?”

“He wanted his shirt to be seen on video so that‘ Q ’could‘ get the credit, ’” wrote FBI special agent Julie Williams in a statement describing the charges against Jensen, that surrendered at Des Moines Friday.

Jensen went to the Capitol because “he was told by Q to be in that location at that time,” his 54-year-old brother, William Routh, told the Associated Press.

He believed he had been communicating for months with Q, who he thought was Trump or someone close to him, said the brother.

“I told him to be careful what he hears because no one knows what QAnon is. Nobody knows who Q is, but I don’t know where he gets this information from, ”said Routh of his brother.

Jensen made his first appearance in federal court via video from the Des Moines prison on Tuesday.

A grand jury indicted him on six counts, including obstructing law enforcement during civil unrest, resistance to Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman, violent entry and stay in a restricted building and disorderly conduct. He is being held at Des Moines County Prison while awaiting his potential transfer to face the charges in Washington, DC.

He was also fired on Friday from his job at an Iowa-based masonry contracting company.

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