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The special, which PIC says is the “cornerstone” of the day’s events, was developed in part because the pandemic COVID-19 is forcing many traditional opening events – such as live shows and inaugural parades – to be canceled. As a result, the organization is turning to less traditional ways of engaging with Americans for the opening, including a public art exhibition in Washington and a memorial to lives lost due to the disease.

For the previous inaugurations, the networks held shows and other presentations hosted by the inaugural committees, so the special is effectively replacing this coverage.

“This inauguration presents a unique opportunity to highlight the resilience and spirit of an America United,” said PIC CEO Tony Allen in a statement. “We have witnessed countless heroes in the past year advancing to the front line and serving their fellow Americans, they are telling their stories, spreading their collective light and celebrating the best of our country and its people with this prime time program. Our first priority is security – so while many of us are safely watching from our homes, we are creating real moments of connection that highlight a new inclusive American era of leadership that works and represents all Americans. ”

The PIC also continues to fundraising for your efforts, including hosting a panel with cast members from Scandal, The West Wing and Designated Survivor still this week.

This article originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter.

Paula Fonseca