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On Wednesday, the weather will be exceptionally warm in Kansas City, as the highs are expected to rise about 20 degrees above normal, he said. FOX4 meteorologist Michelle Bogowith.

“I hope you enjoy the warm wind conditions that we will have on Wednesday as the high temperatures rise to over 50,” said Bogowith, who provides weather updates for The Star.

O average high for this time of year in Kansas City is 38 degrees, according to National Weather Service in Kansas City.

March weather, however, will not be with us much longer, as a very strong cold front will sweep the metropolitan area, said Bogowith.

“This will drop our temperatures steadily to 40 degrees on Thursday, 30 on Friday and will also give us the chance of some precipitation,” she said. “There may be some areas where we may see some light rain developing, but many of you will remain dry.”

As the rear of the system rotates, the Kansas City area is likely to experience some furies or very light snowfall, according to Bogowith’s forecast.

“Most of that will be on the Missouri side of the state border and you can see as much an inch as possible,” she said. “The wind is going to blow hard, so it will be quite difficult to get true measurements of it with gusts above 30 to 35 mph from Thursday to Friday.”

The time for Kansas City Chief playoff game versus the Cleveland Browns on Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium looks pretty normal for this time of year, with highs in their 30s and partly sunny skies, Bogowith said.


How we made this story

The Star produced this time update in partnership with the local television station FOX4. Station meteorologists create forecast videos several times a day for the newspaper to include in their weather reports.

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