SDHSAA Board Approves Seven Classes of Football for 2021/2022 – About Your Online Magazine

There will still be seven college football classes in South Dakota in 2021 and 2022.

The South Dakota High School Activities Association held its Board of Directors meeting today (January 13). One of the main topics on the agenda revolved around the second reading of the proposed football lessons.

About a year ago, SDHSAA commissioned the football advisory committee to reduce the number of football lessons from seven to five or six. Months of discussion took place with several proposals submitted.

As soon as discussions reached activity directors across the state, the idea of ​​attending five or six classes began to fail. The 9-man schools did not want to combine into two classes (of the current three) and there was no agreement on the teams that would fill the bottom of the current 11AAA or the top of 11AA.

Because of all of that, the discussion changed quickly and South Dakota ended up returning to seven classes. There are some adjustments to the 2019/2020 rankings, including 11AAA featuring only the metropolitan area of ​​Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

The three main classes are divided thus.

11AAA (9):

  1. Brandon Valley
  2. Harrisburg
  3. O’Gorman
  4. Rapid City Central
  5. Rapid City Stevens
  6. Sioux Falls Jefferson
  7. Sioux Falls Lincoln
  8. Sioux Falls Roosevelt
  9. Sioux Falls Washington

11AA (11):

  1. Aberdeen Central
  2. Brookings
  3. Douglas
  4. Huron
  5. Mitchell
  6. Pierre
  7. Spearfish
  8. Sturgis
  9. Tea area
  10. Watertown
  11. Yankton

11A (14):

  1. Belle Fourche
  2. Canton
  3. Chamberlain
  4. Custer
  5. Dakota Valley
  6. Dell Rapids
  7. Lennox
  8. Madison
  9. Milbank
  10. Sioux Falls Christian
  11. Sisseton
  12. Tri-Valley
  13. Vermilion
  14. Midwest

The rest of the schools that play football for 11 players will be grouped into 11B. The 9-man classes are divided equally based on the average daily enrollment.

Now that classes are finished for 2021/2022, SDHSAA will work to finalize the season’s schedules.

Paula Fonseca