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SANTA CLARA, California, January 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Sesame Software, innovative leader in enterprise data management, today announced four new patents awarded in 2020, further consolidating its leadership in instant data storage and SaaS disaster recovery applications.

  • 10,838,983 Method of integrating remote databases by automated client scope of update requests before downloading over a communications network
  • 10,812,567 Multi-threaded download with asynchronous writing
  • 10,540,237 System and method for procedure for timely recovery of data and records in cloud or database, in whole or in part
  • 10,838,827 System and method for database restoration based on time parameters

The first two patents solidify performance and reliability gains since the flagship Relational Junction Data Warehouse Builder from Sesame was launched on the market as a bidirectional data warehouse replicator for users. Since then, Sesame has added support for a wide variety of data sources, including cloud databases and SaaS applications. The current product is ten to one hundred times faster than the original version, depending on the source and destination systems and the available bandwidth.

The second two patents describe Relational Junction’s enhanced data recovery capabilities, which will be expanded from to include many other applications and cloud databases. Data recovery features include a user interface that can search for records by any field or time range, allowing partial or full recovery of records and their dependent records.

Sesame’s patent portfolio now includes thirteen granted patents, ensuring Relational Junction’s exclusivity in the market for instant data warehouses and data retrieval from SaaS and on-premises applications and databases.

For more information on how Relational Junction provides scalable and cost-effective data storage, data recovery and data integration—request a demthe here. You can also contact the Sesame software sales team at +1 (408) 550-7999 or by email at [email protected].

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