Why are ‘no code’ and ‘low code’ software development platforms on the rise? – Intellyx – The Digital Transformation Experts – Analysts – About Your Online Magazine

By Ferreneik Betton

How is IT departments’ software development productivity affected by ‘no code’ and ‘low code’?

As low code and no code platforms gained recognition, these platforms were initially seen as a threat to the credibility of software development.

As explained first by Jason Bloomberg, a former Forbes contributor: IT departments are also reacting, often with full force. Not only do the various IT residents fear for their jobs, but the Low / No Code also threatens their credibility. After all, TI has been telling company stakeholders for years that the six-month / $ 1 million plan is the only way to create enterprise software.

Contrary to this understanding, low code and non-code platforms require different levels of technical skills defined for use, both by software developers and other members of the software development department.

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Paula Fonseca