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MCALLEN (KVEO) – Months ago – during the strike – dependency counselors told us that they feared that more people would relapse because of isolation.

And that’s exactly what happened. Texas saw relapse rates rise 22% in 2020, according to the American Addiction Center.

The local rehabilitation center, Palmer Drug Abuse Program, says the pandemic has heightened everyone’s emotions.

“They feel desperate, depressed about being alone – but the truth is, they are not alone,” said evangelism expert and counselor Ricardo Duarte.

Duarte says the isolation has also created opportunities for the recovery of users in the event of a relapse.

“They already existed before the pandemic, but with this pandemic underway, they have increased – why? Since most customers are in quarantine, they stay at home, ”said Duarte.

A Vision For You founder and advisor, J.J. Rodriguez says he is a recovering addict and that depressants like alcohol and Xanax are commonly used for self-medication.

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“Everyone has a heightened sense of anxiety – when someone is experiencing any type of anxiety, we feel uncomfortable,” said Rodriguez

“So when we get back to the brain, he doesn’t like to feel that pain, he always wants to feel pleasure, this is a way of trying to escape his own life today.”

However, the need for escapism is not the only challenge that the pandemic presents.

“Some people in recovery and some people in the slavery of use have now lost their jobs, not because of use and drinking, but because of what has happened in the world today,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says he has seen a 30% increase in the number of clients since 2019 and is administering advice remotely.


If you are fighting substance abuse and are looking for free help, contact the Palmer Drug Abuse Program at 956-687-7714

Join a support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with substance abuse through Zoom here: https://virtual-na.org/marathons/

Find support from the local RGV group here: https://aargvdist10.org/meetings/

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