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Have you ever wondered if you could take a career-centered course in high school? Taking an ROP class is your chance to explore a specific area of ​​study and / or learn more about the field in which you are interested.

What are ROP classes?

ROP stands for Regional Occupational Program and is offered by Coastline College for high school students. This program consists of career-oriented classes, offered to high school students at partner schools at Coastline College.

ROP classes are a major exposure to careers for students who are interested in specific fields of study that include, but are not limited to, public sciences, hospitality and health services.

Like most ROP classes, they usually last one semester, but some last for a year, including Pharmacy Technician, Medical Careers and Health Systems and Medical Emergency Technician.

Although ROP classes are held during the school year, it is possible that they will be offered in the summer and information will be available “later in March 2021 if funding permits. ROP may offer courses in the summer”, Fountain Valley College and Specialist Career Irene Yu said.

What is the difference between an ROP class and an elective class?

Elective classes and ROP classes may look similar; however, some important differences set them apart. ROP classes are career-focused classes that help students learn about a particular path.

Elective courses are classes that are above and beyond the requirements of the subject for graduation and may include career-centered classes. They are a broader category that includes traditional subjects such as visual arts, world language, science and more.

How many credits is a ROP class and what benefits does a ROP class offer?

The ROP classes vary from 5 to 10 high school credits depending on the class. Not only do ROP classes offer credit for high school, but some classes also provide or help prepare students for the certifications needed to succeed in a specific field of study.

“I always wanted to be a pharmacist,” said Josyan Guirgis, a veteran of Fountain Valley. “I wanted to take [Pharmacy Technician] and get my license as a technician, so in college, I have more knowledge and experience of what it’s like to work in a pharmacy. “

Certification requirements vary from class to class, respectively. The ROP classes also meet requirements A-G.

“[ROP classes] it can help solidify or help redirect a student’s future professional interest, ”said Yu.

What is the application process?

All ROP applications can be made online and instructions on how to apply can be found at FVHS College / Career Page. An updated List of classes can always be accessed on the FVHS college / career page. Students will be notified if they will be in the classroom or on the waiting list when applying online.

Taking a ROP course is a great way to gain work experience, get internships and / or industry licenses and certifications. Students should consider taking an ROP class to gain the knowledge and experience needed for real-world situations.

As the ROP classes change, this link will show updated information every year.

Paula Fonseca