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If you just started playing Bless Mobile, JoyCity’s latest mobile MMORPG, the first question you’ll probably ask yourself is: what class should I play? So the second: what is the best class on Bless Mobile? It is this question that we intend to answer in this guide.

Before we get into that, however, it is important to note that it is a very subjective question, so there is no definitive question Bless Mobile best class. There are classes that you prefer due to your style of play, and there are others that are more friendly to newbies. Then there are strange hybrid classes like the paladin. So, what we’re going to do is list them, detail how they play and then try to point out the class that is best for you.

If you’ve never heard of it, Bless Mobile is a new MMORPG set in the same universe as the infamous PC MMORPG. We will not go into detail on this incendiary topic, but this is the third game to be released in the series so far, after Bless Unleashed, which is now available for PC and console.

Bless Mobile best class

Berserker from Bless Mobile carries a powerful ax attack


The berserker is for the player who likes to dispense with any notion of defense, support or skill. Instead, this class excels in brute force, distributing huge numbers of damage with its slow and powerful attacks.

However, given that the berserker is dressed in full plate armor, it is far from a soft class. As such, we would say that it is the best class for beginners. You will have no problem playing the auto with the berserker, that’s for sure.

A Bless Mobile guardian dressed in chain mail, wielding a sword and shield in an attack position


The guardian is the direct reverse of the berserker, with the offense largely being an afterthought. If you like to absorb damage to keep your team safe, this lesson is for you.

It is another solid lesson for those who like to play in the car too. You will not fall easily, and your useful offensive options, including a fast attack speed, will keep you working.

A Bless Mobile ranger targeting an attack with a bow and arrow


Can’t decide how you like to play? The ranger is very close to you. As the name suggests, he is a ranged attack specialist who believes that the best defense is never getting close enough to have trouble anyway.

This, combined with his solid offensive production, also makes him a strong candidate for a class that you can comfortably play automatically. However, it is not quite like that with the keeper or berserker, because he can easily get into trouble if the monsters close the gap.

A wizard on Bless Mobile casts a spell while wielding a staff


Warning: the wizard is not a beginner’s class. Take a quick look at the character model above and you’ll see why: there’s no way that “armor” set can defend someone.

But the wizard is not about defense. Much like the furious, it’s all about doing as much damage as possible, with the scope to keep you safe.

There is a strong case for the wizard to be the best class on Bless Mobile – particularly if you like raw damage – but he needs more babysitting, so he is not very friendly for autoplay.

A Bless Mobile Paladin holding a shield and mace


The paladin is a rather strange class, as it fills several different niches. However, it is not a cause of damage, with an overall output lower than even the guardian.

However, it is a capable tank and can absorb damage with the best of them thanks to its sturdy plate armor and shield.

The paladin’s real benefit is his ability to heal his allies, keeping them in the fight even when it looks dark. As such, it is a good lesson for those, as well as with the ranger, who really don’t like to do just one thing.

So, what’s the best class on Bless Mobile?

As we mentioned in the introduction, this is a subjective question. If we had to decide for a single class, we would say the wizard. It is capable of causing insane damage that only the berserker comes close to matching, and can do this safely from a distance.

That said, though, he needs babysitting due to his soft nature. So, if you are the type who plans to play automatically most of the time, it is best to stick with the berserker or ranger.

The last question to ask is how much do you plan to play with other people. If the answer is: a lot, then you must go with the guardian or paladin. History tells us that a good tank or healer is hard to find, so filling that niche yourself will make you a lot of friends.

Choose the paladin if the pack is your primary focus, and the guardian if you are just one of many, as the latter deals enough damage to survive while the former fights.

Paula Fonseca