Dayton man arrested for Felony DWI, AUO 1st Degree – About Your Online Magazine

Major James M. Hall
Commander of Troop A


On January 26º, 2021, New York State police officers arrested Kevin Goodemote, 64, of Dayton, for Criminal Conduct While Intoxicated and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation 1st Degree.

Law enforcement officers stopped Goodemote at South Dayton Silver Creek Road in South Dayton for traffic violations and, after failing several SFSTs, Goodemote was placed under arrest. Goodemote was transported to SP Fredonia, where he provided a 0.17 breath sample. As Goodemote’s driving record revealed a DWI conviction in the previous 10 years, the charge was elevated to a crime. Goodemote was further accused of AUO 1st The driving license in New York was revoked for an alcohol offense. Goodemote was sued, issued the tickets and is scheduled to appear at the Villenova City Court at a later date.

Paula Fonseca