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Although the economy has largely lagged over the past year due to the pandemic, the stock market has remained surprisingly strong. This is great news for day traders who rode the hills and valleys of the market to earn a significant income. If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra income (or even start a new career), learning how to successfully navigate the stock market is a great skill. Inside The premium package of technical analysis and daily trading from beginner to expert, you will develop the skills needed to thrive as a day trader.

This ten-course package offers 16 hours of training from Wealthy Education. Wealthy Education is an online learning provider specializing in stock market investments, financial management, accounting and personal finance. They have helped thousands of students around the world achieve their financial goals.

These courses are specifically aimed at day trading, which places great emphasis on technical analysis. You will learn how to build a solid foundation for day trading using TradingView for graph analysis and paper trading and learn how to discover profitable technical indicators and overlays.

You will take a deep dive into technical analysis, learning how to win 80% of your trades in just a few weeks. You will master the technical indicators and oscillators that every trader should know and learn how to trade successfully in any market conditions. In addition, you will learn how to identify market trends and understand how to perform volatility, momentum and volume analyzes to support swing trading. There are even several courses dedicated to candle patterns, one of the most valuable tools for stock analysis.

If you are going to trade on the stock market, you can also win. With the premium technical analysis package and daily trading from beginner to expert, you will earn more. Apply today to only $ 49.99.

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Learn day trading technical analysis skills to help you win your trades
Learn how to increase your wealth in the stock market with this training
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