SSC Claims It Set a New Top Speed World Record With 282.9-MPH Tuatara Re-Run – About Your Online Magazine

In a press release announcing the new record time, Shelby explained that Caplin even approached the record differently than Webb did in October, driving the Tuatara more like a tow car:

“This time, we took a different approach by accelerating the car to higher speeds. Larry Caplin, owner of the car, used a drag race acceleration style during record races, pulling at full speed and increasing for 40-50 seconds. In October, we were leaning to a much slower speed and used only about 20-25 seconds of full acceleration and momentum during the race. The difference is impressive in terms of performance and operation. Larry managed a race that was much more difficult, at least by a factor of four, than the one we tried in Nevada. “

The top speed record holder for the previous production car was the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which reached an average top speed of 277.9 mph. O Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ later, the prototype reached 304.77 mph, but as that speed was only reached in one direction, it did not count as a new record.

SSC expects its reformulation to continue this time after questions with respect to the accuracy of its previous top speed record of 316 mph in October, it forced the company to admit there were problems with its data. Jerod Shelby founder of the company promised Tuatara would repeat its registration attempt with a more accurate registration. YouTubers who came together for a detailed analysis of how the October race at Tuatara could not be as fast as the SSC claimed – Robert Mitchell, Misha Charoudin and Shmee150 – were even invited to watch. Mitchell even appears on video Shelby today released its top speed renewal to detail key race statistics.

SSC did not reach 300 mph this time, as claimed happened in October, but that is still the company’s goal to be achieved, and Caplin seems confident that it is possible.

“I experienced full strength at the top of the seventh [gear] in the last race, “explained Caplin in a company press release.” I’m excited to go back and break 300mph. “

We’ll see!

Paula Fonseca