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ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2021 / With the aim of helping individual investors to amplify their investments with minimal risk, platform XX was developed with a variety of advanced tools, such as trading robots. This is in addition to the implementation of a friendly interface and an intuitive system. Advancing from a traditional classic hedge fund system, Platform XX aims to streamline investment systems in cryptocurrencies and transform them into an automated trading platform.

What is the XX platform and how does it work?

The purpose of Platform XX is to connect the traditional trading market to individual investors through blockchain and cryptocurrency. By providing easy access to conventional trading strategies, Platform XX provides easy access to a higher ROI for all investors worldwide.

Along with smart analysis and stock indicators, Platform XX has prepared a finesse roadmap to become a complete solution for cryptocurrency investors and traders. In terms of security and efficiency, Platform XX is open, transparent, and all data is recorded on the blockchain for the public to see.

A knowledge pool of trading strategies

Platform XX is a mix of knowledge pool and trading system that gives individual investors access to the trader’s strategies, profits and transactions. This will allow investors and individual users to study trading strategies and imitate them for their benefit.

However, this system is expected to work from 2022-23. Until then, Platform XX will mainly function as an investment portal for fundraising. Investors will win during the initial stages of reward distribution.

Investment Insurance

As a cushion for early investors, there is a special mechanism established by the developers through which first investments will be protected and insured. The 100% insurance coverage is provided with the payment of only 3% of the investment. This gives investors the right to repurchase XXP tokens within 6 months after the investment.

XXP Token

The formation of the XXP token is led by a pricing policy that makes the XXP token a native token. As a virtual accounting unit, the XXP token ensures synchronization between the investor’s financing mechanism and trading strategies.

As a native platform currency, XXP tokens will be used in the future for partnership funds and other investment systems running on the platform.

The halving mechanism

As with almost all major cryptocurrency platforms, Platform XX is also halved, but instead of cutting the generation of rewards abruptly at once, this platform has a different system of halving.

From the 4th month after the launch of the network, there will be a gradual but controlled decrease in the reward of the bet percentage by up to 50%. This will continue for 3 years and at the beginning of the 4th year, the reduction in half will be deactivated automatically.


Helix is ​​a deflationary mechanism implemented at the software level to function as a deflationary algorithm. The Helix system will start operating in the first quarter of 2022 and will act as a compensatory mechanism to cover the reduced reward for XXP token staking.

Helix’s compensation mechanism acts as an additional investment tool that appears in the user account interface. Thus, combined with the staking algorithm and Helix, the XXP token will continue to provide liquidity and profits to the platform’s investors.

Delegate System

There are two stakeholders in the XX Delegate system, Delegates and Stakeholders. The delegate system is a voting mechanism through which small and medium token holders can transfer their vote to elected delegates. This vote transfer system is operationalized by placing the user’s tokens in the delegate’s staking pool.

To purchase a delegated account, the user must freeze or retain 10,000 units of their XXP tokens, following a special registration process. In addition, depending on the type of account a user has, there are differences in the size of the commission, thaw of the deposit and participation in the vote.

Roadmap of the Future

After delivering the aspects promised in the 4th quarter of 2020, Platform XX will begin work on the creation of its website, reward campaign, launch of the beta investment platform and launch of the Android mobile application.

In addition, there are plans ready to list the token on various exchanges and listings to further promote the platform. This is followed by the launch of the iOS app and the activation of a deflationary mechanism in 2022.


The Platform XX is designed to replace already established cryptocurrencies, addressing their bottlenecks and offering a better solution for users. It is smart, secure, advanced and created with the objective of substantially increasing the investment potential of users.

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