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With nearly 25 years of innovation in digital signage, Navori expands into the analytical world driven by AI-Computer Vision with Aquaji to help retailers, digital out-of-home networks (DOOH) and other physical businesses measure performance, strengthen operations and improve the customer experience.

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / February 23, 2021 / Navori Labs, a pioneer of digital signage software, today launches Aquaji, an AI-based marketing analysis software that will improve the customer experience in physical environments, including physical stores, restaurants and shopping centers, and enhance digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad. Aquaji counts unique visitors and gathers demographic data, length of stay, waiting time and attention KPIs in segmented time intervals ranging from hours to months. Aquaji helps companies understand consumer habits and profiles, create new opportunities for growth and profitability through stronger visitor engagement and support a more complete business intelligence ecosystem.

The launch of Aquaji follows three years of research and development by Navori Labs in applied artificial intelligence. The internally developed solution uses computer vision software to analyze and evaluate visitor metrics, behavior patterns and marketing activities in order to help companies better manage their physical spaces. The software differs from existing products by combining the latest mathematical models of computer vision, which improves the accuracy rate for pattern detection from 60% to 95%.

Aquaji identifies and recognizes each visitor while completely protecting the visitor’s anonymity using face and body detection and encoding instead of facial recognition. A unique key for each individual, created using aggregated data (attributes), ensures that Aquaji can distinguish between employees and customers, without duplicates or false positives. This provides merchants and store managers with reliable and comparable data for measuring performance in physical spaces.

For example, retail chains can apply Aquaji’s valuable data to strategize product placement decisions, measure the appeal of advertising campaigns and allocate human resource assets. The latter is especially useful for adjusting staff allocations based on visitor traffic, length of stay and customer waiting times at entrances, checkout queues and other locations.

Companies that monetize their networks with Aquaji, along with their advertisers, also benefit from comprehensive anonymous audience demographics, visitor attributes and ad impression metrics that help them accurately calculate efficiency rates. Aquaji’s native API will also send audience information to programmatic platforms that help advertisers reevaluate ad content and positioning decisions, and access data to feed their internal business intelligence platforms and data science systems for analysis deeper.

Companies that use Aquaji for marketing analysis have the added benefit of smooth integration with Navori QL digital signage software, a proven enterprise-grade solution that powers some of the world’s largest digital external networks. When paired, companies can more effectively target the right content to the public using QL’s context-aware digital signage automation and make adjustments based on scheduled scenarios and live camera feeds.

“Navori Labs has developed several innovative new applications through our investment in computer vision technology, and Aquaji is a real breakthrough as an AI-based turnkey solution for physical business growth,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO of Navori Labs . “Digital signage and marketing analysis software have long been disparate pieces of the customer experience, with the former focused on messaging and content delivery, and the latter responsible for measuring and qualifying audiences. We now offer true interoperability in visual communication. and business intelligence through a complete omnichannel marketing approach. We are empowering physical companies with a more interactive and fully integrated solution to improve the customer experience strategy and overall business performance. “

Aquaji offers quick and simple setup with new or existing security cameras and is immediately available for deployment in the cloud. A local version is coming soon, providing users with two affordable, high-performance marketing analytics solutions to serve everything from single-site systems to the world’s largest DOOH networks.

Visit the Aquaji de Navori website at https://navori.com/marketing-analytics/ For more informations. A complete press kit can be found at: https://bit.ly/3raoHe3.

About Navori Labs

Navori Labs is a Swiss global software innovator that produces technology for digital communication and AI-driven marketing analysis. Navori Labs is a company committed to providing the most reliable, interoperable and user-friendly software application available in the industry. Exclusive leader in the global digital signage industry, with almost 25 years of experience, Navori has built a reputation as an innovator in the industry, strengthened by a qualified engineering team and continuous investment in research and development initiatives. Navori also continued to invest in global growth, with local and regional resources available around the world. The flagship QL digital signage engine from Navori was built with everyone in mind and has been standardized for use on many of the largest digital signage networks worldwide. The company’s engineering approach balances efficient design and operation with exceptional performance to meet the expectations of integrators and end users. Visit www.navori.com For more informations.

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