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Reading can improve your life in many ways, including reducing stress and really making you smarter. It can also be a great help in working or running a business. Think about how you could be more productive if you could quickly read everything you need to read.

THE ZapReader speed reading The platform can help by training you not only to read faster, but also to understand more. Say goodbye to those bad reading habits, thanks to scientifically developed exercises and specialized coaches who guide you every step of the way; Monitor your progress with detailed reports on how your reading speed changes over time.

The cloud-based desktop program allows users to instantly add their own reading material – in 46 different file and e-book formats – so you can learn and read casual, mandatory readings at the same time. This cloud-based app includes ergonomics and comprehension training and promises to increase your reading speed, so that every part of the experience is enhanced.

The six specialized courses include training exercises and updates. And there is no denying that ZapReader is an effective way to increase your reading speed. Current beta testers report reading twice as much in half the time, according to the University of Kansas. “This is a 300% increase in reading speed, without any loss of understanding,” said the academy.

The combination of the best technology with some of the best dynamic reading instructors in the world is quite powerful. If you are ready to increase your reading and comprehension speed, a program with impressive proven results is almost certainly the best place to start. PCMag readers can gain lifetime access to ZapReader speed reading program for $ 39.99 – 91% off the suggested price of $ 499.

Prices subject to change.

Paula Fonseca