County delays trailer usage ban at transfer stations – About Your Online Magazine

The Hawaii County Department of Environmental Management is delaying the implementation of the use of trailers at solid waste transfer stations until at least April 16.

The county said that the extension of the deadline for application of Ordinance No. 9-17, with regard to the ban on the use of trailers at the county’s solid waste transfer stations, is for accommodation of trailer users and further evaluation.

The rule was approved on December 3, 2020, to improve the security and accessibility of county transfer stations for all residents, effective March 1.

The Department of Environmental Management said on Monday that it decided that more time is needed to accommodate users in the transition back to the intended use of these sites and to review how the presence of vehicle trailers affects public and employee safety in each 22 solid waste transfer stations around the island of Hawaii.

“The rule that prohibits the use of trailers at the county’s solid waste transfer stations is necessary to ensure our highest priority, which is the safety of residents and our employees, as well as to help relieve congestion and long lines,” said Ramzi Mansour, director of the Department of Environmental Management. “Many of our transfer stations were built decades ago, with limited space for maneuverability and without trailers in mind. With this delay, we are giving the public more time to adjust to this rule, which may include more travel time to more accessible locations around the island. In the meantime, we will explore alternative solutions. “

Rule No. 9-17 states: “Vehicles are limited to sedans, SUVs, pickups or minivans. Trailers and dump trucks are prohibited at the transfer station. “

The Department of Environmental Management said it would continue to update the public on new decisions made regarding the ban on trailers at the county’s solid waste transfer stations.

Paula Fonseca