Digvijaya Singh slams Shivraj govt over transfer of IAS – About Your Online Magazine

Striking the Madhya Pradesh government for allegedly transferring the IAS official who cracked down on illegal mining in the state, former chief minister and congressional leader Digvijaya Singh on Tuesday he said the incident is a “brilliant example” of the chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhanis honesty.

Taking to Twitter, the senior congressional leader quoted a story about the statement by BJP leader and former minister Kusum Singh Mehdele in protest against the transfer of the civil servant, and said that he has always respected Mehdele because she is an “honest and hardworking politician. “.

“Shivraj ji, instead of paying homage to the officer who acted against the land mafias you were about to bury in a 3 meter ditch, you punished the officer !! This is a brilliant example of your honesty. Be a little ashamed” , tweeted Singh.

On December 26, Chouhan had ‘warned’ the mafia and asked them to leave the state, otherwise he will “bury” them 3 meters deep.

“I am in a dangerous mood today. I will not spare those who are involved in illegal activities,” said Chouhan at an event in the district of Hoshangabad.


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