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Jack Willis’ intention to record a documentary about his rehabilitation from a serious knee injury was well received by the club chief.

England’s flanker suffered the setback right after scoring a try against Italy in the Six Nations and is awaiting surgery before he knows how long he should be away.

The results of the scan confirmed the 24-year-old man hadn’t broken his ACL but damage to other ligaments and cartilage will lead to a long period of inactivity.

The 2019/20 Gallagher Premiership player is on his way to rehabilitation before suffering a rupture in his right knee in 2018, in addition to fracturing his left ankle.

In addition to a brief comeback that lasted 168 minutes in three games in early 2019 before his ankle problem reappeared, Willis missed the best part of 16 months of action – dismissing him from England’s trip to South Africa in 2018, as well as the Six Nations and the Rugby World Cup the following year.

Faced with another period of exhausting recovery, Willis reached out for his Instagram following more than 23,000 people on whether they would be interested in recording a documentary of the process.

He had an almost unanimous vote of approval and also asked for suggestions on how to call the project.

Get some onions!

Wasps coach Lee Blackett, who has been with the club since Willis’ senior years, believes it is a project that will be beneficial to the player.

“I think at the moment it gives him something to do and a real goal,” he said. “I think it’s a great thing for Jack to do.

“When he talked to me about the idea, I said that I think it’s a great idea. I think it would be a good watch too. If all goes well, he will have to fake some things to make some drama out of it! Some onions and start crying and getting thrilled about something and cause some mishap! I hope he has none! “

Willis, whose younger brother, Tom, is also a professional player on Wasps, used his time out of the sport due to injuries and Covid-19 forced breaks to get plumbing qualifications, as well as opening up his own real estate financing and agency. search, RockCap, with former retired Wasp, Alex Lundberg.

Real world

“I think it’s very good, especially for those who work long hours [injuries], to have something out of rugby, “added Blackett.

“It can really be a difficult place. It’s not just rugby players, it’s all in the country, it’s not with Covid and how difficult things are getting. We are in a lucky position to have something.

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“For me, my life hasn’t changed much, I never really went out! My life is normal, I’m not feeling too much, but other people like that have things like that outside rugby where they can go.

“It is difficult, it is not at the moment when he has that injury and outside rugby you cannot do anything at the moment. This is the real world, it is where a lot of people are at the moment.”

To follow Jack’s progress and get updates on the documentary, you can follow him on Instagram by clicking on here.

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