South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem calls for AG’s resignation after charges in fatal wreck – About Your Online Magazine

“Now that the investigation is over and the charges have been made, I believe the attorney general should resign,” Noem said in a statement. demonstration issued through its spokesman shortly before noon on Tuesday, February 23.

Noem, a Republican, said she “reviewed” the details of the investigation of the AG Republican accident and encouraged the public to review the documents as well. She said some details could be released “starting today”.

Ravnsborg faces three counts of misdemeanor in Hyde County related to careless driving, cell phone use and illegal lane use. Each carries a potential penalty of $ 500 and / or 30 days in prison in the county.

Joseph Boever, 55, of Highmore, S.D., died in the accident.

The attorney general was not using his cell phone at the time of the accident, and at a press conference last week, Beadle County Attorney Mike Moore said investigators are still unsure as to why Ravnsborg was “distracted” on September 12 when he drove his Ford Taurus onto the side of the highway and hit Boever, whose truck had stopped west of Highmore.

Ravnsborg initially told a 911 dispatcher that he was not sure what he had achieved. The dispatcher suggested that he could have collided with a deer, and Ravnsborg agreed with that theory.

Details of the investigation, including cell phone data, show that Ravnsborg and Hyde County Sheriff Mike Volek walked close to Boever’s body while inspecting the ditch after the accident, probably looking for the animal the attorney general said he had hit.

Rumors in Pierre first emerged over the weekend that Ravnsborg may face an impeachment effort in the South Dakota House of Representatives. In an interview with Dakota News now on Monday, Rep. Tim Goodwin, one of the few whips of the majority and a Republican from Rapid City, asked Ravnsborg to step down in an interview.

It is not immediately clear who will replace Ravnsborg. In a call to the Forum News Service on Tuesday, former AG Marty Jackley declined an interview request, saying, “Now is not the time for me to say anything.”

Mike Deaver, a spokesman for Ravnsborg, did not immediately return a request for comment on Noem’s resignation request, although in recent days he has rejected such calls, noting that the attorney general is a constitutional officer elected by South Dakota voters. in 2018.

In an email on Friday, February 19, Deaver characterized the charges against Ravnsborg as “traffic quotes in essence” and said “he intends to continue on the job”.

Paula Fonseca