Storm ‘could be largest insurance claim event in state history’ – About Your Online Magazine

The Texas Insurance Council said last week’s winter storm could be “the biggest insurance claim event in the state’s history”.

Homes and businesses across the state have suffered enormous damage, mainly due to broken pipes.

One of them was Pam’s Pet Shop in Abilene. They said that most of their fish died and all reptiles and birds were evacuated. The storm caused power cuts that affected water circulation and temperature.

“Our biggest loss was the marine aquarium we had,” said owner Pam Maschburn.

State Farm Insurance spokesman Chris Pilcic said complaints began to arrive late last week.

According to Pilcic, there have been about 30,000 complaints for broken tubes across the state in the past few days.

Individuals and business owners are invited to complete the survey of storm damage.

Paula Fonseca