The “Cat Lawyer” Buzzkill, Unusual Legal Marketing, and the Rump Roast: Game of Life  – About Your Online Magazine

Okay, yes, we all thought “cat advocate” was totally hilarious – really a high-profile accidental comedy. But, did anyone notice the amount of technological incompetence going on there, besides the unfortunate filter? Lawyers can and should do better, and Jared Correia is here to remind us why. (2:05) Next, Jared welcomes Chad Sands to discuss tactics to take his legal marketing in a more creative direction. Legal marketing adopts the same boring formula very often, but Chad tips for law firms of all sizes to expand things in unexpected and inventive ways. (7:22) Finally, in this Rump Roast, Jared goes out of his way to talk to Chad about his musician / Hollywood / almost famous past and his strange bathroom encounters with Ryan Gosling. (20:47)

Chad Sands is the vice president of marketing for Tracers and producer / creative director for Jumper Away.

Chad wrote us a blog post detailing more about his main 5 marketing strategy tips for 2021, so be sure to check this out.

In honor of my interview with famous neighbor Chad Sands, this episode’s playlist highlights some of Chad’s favorite songs – some of his own bands!

Our opening theme is Two cigarettes for main label interest

Our musical highlight and closing song is All about you by the jury pool.

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