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Paul Davis is like the gift that keeps showing crazy moves. Davis first fired into the Above the Law infamy when Goosehead Insurance’s then associate general counsel attended the Capitol uprising, and posted bragging about having received tear gas and saying he was trying to get into the Capitol building on social media.

After he got it shot of Goosehead (because logical and natural consequences are still one thing), Davis tried to put his law degree into practice filing a lawsuit, along with Texas attorney and failed Texas House of Representatives candidate Kellye SoRelle, who seeks to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, but somehow “it is not a 2020 presidential election fraud case”. (This distinction, it is worthwhile, appears to be the source of disagreement between the two lawyers who filed the original complaint.) The complaint lists each member of the 117th Congress, each governor and secretary of state and Mark Zuckerberg as defendants, and claims that the changes in electoral laws before the 2020 elections violated the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), which resulted in civil rights violations. And he asks that all actions of the new Congress – including Joe Biden’s victory certification and Donald Trump’s second impeachment – be invalidated.

That was not the end of the case records. Yes, it’s still in its infancy, but it went ahead and presented an amended TRO motion using the Gondor experiences as a precedent. For you, not nerds, (is there anyone who reads Above the Law?), This is the FICIONAL kingdom created by J.R.R. Tolkien. And because “Gondor has no king”, this is the example he uses as a precedent to ask a federal court to reject the results of the 2020 elections.

But wait! Have more! He also took an action that harassed the media for mocking his request to install the Middle-earth government in America, which only encouraged more ridiculous. THE judge has already signaled (unsurprisingly) that he is skeptical of this dubious legal theory.

Then Davis was fired, again. Apparently, there was a division between the plaintiffs as to the strategy to follow (although, tbh, none of them sound like a winner). And two camps – the SoRelle plaintiffs and the Davis plaintiffs – were born. (Of course, Davis signed that form with an email address on a domain name he doesn’t own, which is just IMPRESSING trolls to have fun with you, which, of course, they did.)

So, what the hell else could be going on in this case?

Well, Davis wants attorney fees. He starts by shooting one of his former clients (now a SoRelle plaintiff):

For reasons that are difficult to understand, after Mr. Davis donated over 450 hours of pro bono time to Applicant B.G. and his organization, “Latinos for Trump,” B.G.— with no evidence of pre-existing animosity between B.G. and himself – suddenly sent Mr. Davis a hard-hitting letter of revenge full of vengeful lies about concerns about non-existent “ethical issues”.
Mr. Davis, shocked but suspecting some kind of political game, given the nature of the process, sent a diplomatic response, extending his hand over the apparent differences in strategy that Ms. SoRelle suddenly began to pressure Mr. Davis into. week of February 15, 2021, despite previous and consistent agreements between the lawyer and even BG herself, not to pursue such frivolous strategies.

Then he begins to detail some of the actions behind the scenes that led to the fragmentation of the plaintiffs. Reading between the lines, it appears that Davis wanted to stay away from electoral fraud claims and stick with (also specious) HAVA / civil rights claims. But Davis believes that some identified “Bob” (who is not a plaintiff or lawyer) is defending alternative legal theories. There’s even a group text with Bob and Davis (as well as SoRelle and the claimants) and in that text Bob “grossly accused Mr. Davis of unethical behavior, in front of clients for whom he worked 80 to 100 hours a week, per
free and without sleeping much. “

And so, THATS when Davis says, “That’s when things went from strange to completely bizarre.” It seems that Davis thinks SoRelle shared privileged communications with this Bob character, based on the accusations Bob made. But that’s not what SoRelle thinks:

Mrs. SoRelle’s excuse was that Bob was “listening to our announcements!” Mr. Davis, now extremely concerned, started recording the rest of the conversation with Ms. SoRelle.5 To Mr. Davis’s shock, Ms. SoRelle clarified that she didn’t just mean that Bob was listening on speakerphone or similar. No, Ms. SoRelle actually indicated several times that “Bob” was illegally listening to the calls between Mr. Davis and Ms. SoRelle and monitoring our text messages.

Anyway, Davis now seeks $ 1,800 in attorney fees for the “3.6 hours [he spent] in writing and preparing to write this response, including reviewing various communications and related call recordings. ”But, in fact, the complete filling is quite fun and is available below. AND YOU ARE NOT JUST ARCHIVING DAVIS.

Yesterday, Davis also filed a new complaint – what the internet is happily calling Gondor II. It is basically a repetition of the original (and Tolkien-free) claim. But we can only imagine how many other processes this new case will bless us with.

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