“Trump doubles down on false election claim in impeachment response” – About Your Online Magazine


Trump’s legal team presented its first official response to the House’s impeachment charge on Tuesday, denying that the former president tried to subvert the election results and incited violence on Capitol Hill. The presentation foreshadowed Trump’s legal strategy for the trial, which begins next Tuesday, but is not expected to last as long as last year’s three-week trial.

Trump’s lawyers, Bruce Castor and David Schoen, also advanced the former president’s false claims that the election results were “suspect”, claiming that Trump has the First Amendment’s right to express that opinion.

“There is insufficient evidence that a reasonable lawyer could conclude that the 45th president’s statements were accurate or not, and he therefore denies that they are false,” wrote Castor and Schoen, adding that Trump “denies” that it is false to say that he won the election “In a landslide.”

Castor and Schoen have only joined Trump’s legal team in the past few days, after initial defense attorneys withdrew disagreements over whether to support Trump’s false allegations about the election. Even some of Trump’s allies are warning the legal team against leaning on Trump’s baseless allegations as part of his defense strategy.

“If they start trying to prove that Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were stolen, that’s where you’re going to lose everyone,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). “That’s when most of us will be ready to move on.”

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Paula Fonseca