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For many years, high electricity bills have been a problem for most Australian families, especially for those who have difficulty paying bills. But did you know that wholesale electricity bills are really falling?

Through a combination of more people adopting renewable energy solutions and powering the grid, and improved pole solutions, electricity bills started to drop for the first time in years. Unfortunately, in many cases, these savings are not being passed on.

The São Vicente de Paulo Society recently ran an investigation on accounts in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Australia. They found that six million people in those states were paying up to $ 200 more in their electricity bills for neglecting to look for a better deal.

“We are really concerned that people have not gone there and updated their electricity bills so that these savings end up in people’s pockets and not in the pockets of large multinationals,” Gavin Dufty, policy and research manager at St Vincent de Paul Society said.

“When you start to experience price drops, [retailers] don’t come back to you quickly and say ‘here’s all these savings you can have’, they like to let you sweat a little bit because that’s more money for them. “

Australian Energy Council CEO Sarah McNamara also advised consumers to be proactive and pursue better electricity deals. She said the regulations do not allow retailers to transfer customers to other newer businesses, even if they are more accessible. So it makes sense to call your dealer and ask if you are in the cheapest deal.

An end to complicated accounts

A problem for consumers has always been complex accounts and difficult to interpret. So, even if there is a warning in the accounts saying that cheaper plans are available, this message can sometimes get lost.

There is a proposal in the Federal Parliament to simplify these bills, which was presented by the Federal Minister of Energy, Angus Taylor, in 2020.

Currently, regulations require retailers to include 25 information on electricity bills, a number that would be reduced if this proposal were enshrined in the regulations.

Adopt solar energy and enjoy greater energy savings

While $ 200 back in your pocket is a relief to most Australians, you can save a lot more than that installing solar energy and generate clean, green energy from the sun.

Solar systems have become highly affordable and battery solutions are also available to most families. Through the government’s STC scheme, you can also get up to 40 percent discount the cost of installing a new solar system, further reducing the cost.

More than two million Australians already have photovoltaic systems on their roofs, and that number is increasing every year. Join the revolution and take advantage of the huge savings it brings.

Paula Fonseca