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In April 2020, Brian Duncan was not feeling optimistic.

“The COVID curve, if you want to call it that, was very difficult for agriculture,” said Duncan, who is a pig, soy and corn farmer, as well as vice president of the Illinois Farm Bureau. “We saw the destruction of demand taking place everywhere, from the use of biofuels, to the consumption of animal proteins in restaurants and other countries around the world with economic difficulties, which led to a slowdown in exports.”

But now Duncan is feeling more optimistic, in part because the outlook for the pandemic is improving.

“We see some hope that positivity rates will continue to decline,” said Duncan. “I hope that people are waiting for the opportunity to rush to restaurants and take those trips that they might not have been able to make last year.”

Marketplace presenter Kai Ryssdal spoke to Duncan about the agricultural economy in Illinois.

To hear the full interview, click on the audio player above.

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