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DENISON, Kan. (WIBW) – Some residents of Denison are not sure what a gas bill beyond the normal price means to them.

“Possibly, we need help with this, this is the only way it can be done with such an increase, there is no viable way for a family or normal person to manage this type of account,” said Denison City Council member Charles Gregory , who is also the city’s postmaster.

“A normal account that is kind of high would sacrifice something to pay for it, but that kind of increase is impossible.”

The city is facing a February gas bill estimated at more than $ 240,000. These costs can be gradually passed on to residents if the city can no longer get help.

Roxie Dewater said she had no choice but to increase the gas for four very cold days earlier this month.

“With everything that’s going on, with all the gas prices going up everywhere, I don’t know what we can do,” she said.

“We needed the heat when we were going through the arctic explosion, it was absolutely cold.”

The League of Kansas Municipalities is looking to help ease financial stress in Denison, its residents and 48 other cities in the same situation.

According to Executive Director Erik Sartorious, the league has contacted the Kansas federal delegation and is looking for state legislative opportunities for relief or help in distributing payments.

“We know, especially in the pandemic period, it is supercritical not to have an unwanted surprise anymore, as people have faced a very difficult year,” he said.

“We have suffered economic damage in our cities and with residents and businesses that could wipe them out entirely.”

As for the residents of Denison, they say that any aid could heat up their icy financial future.

“Nobody wants to pay 1,000 times more just to keep their toes warm and live comfortably in their own home,” said Allen.

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