Dublin pub hosting It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia games night – About Your Online Magazine

If you’ve never seen an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you need to seriously re-evaluate your life right away. The sitcom is now in its 11th season and its popularity shows no signs of waning anytime soon.

It seems that some Dublin pubs have realized this, with The Back Page in Phibsborough hosting a very successful Halloween party It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia last year, and now Doyle’s on College Street has decided to have its own game night, and you already know what it’s called. Yes, it’s “Chardee Macdennis: The Game of Games”.

To be held on February 4, the evening will be essentially a It’s Always Sunny table test in Philadelphia with ten rounds of questions. Dressing up as your favorite character is highly encouraged, while all teams must have a totem or flag for the winning team to destroy.

There will be a Flip-Cup tournament to decide between tiebreakers and there will also be a night draw with a mysterious prize … we have no idea what it is, but the words ‘denim chicken’ and ‘worm hat’ are being considered.

Best part of it all? It is for charity too, and it is a fundraiser sponsored by The Wayward Hunz with the proceeds from the event to be divided among the charities; Cool Earth, Heart Children Ireland and Barretstown.

Entrance costs 10 € per person, with a maximum of 4 people per team. You will need to send a private email “The Wayward Hunz – Mongol Rally 2016“to reserve a place for you and your team, as places will be limited! Go to Facebook event page for any updates.

Paula Fonseca