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JOPLIN, Mo. – Having heart problems can lead to medication or surgery. But, for many patients, rebuilding strength and endurance means some time in rehabilitation.

Richard Zaccardelli, rehab patient: “The benefits are great because what happened to me was that I had high blood pressure and it wears out my heart muscle.”

Richard Zaccardelli had an implant eight years ago, a left ventricular assist device. He exercises twice a week at Freeman Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab.

“I really feel good for the next few days.”

Nurse Paula Ward says the facility is uniquely equipped to ensure that cardiac patients remain healthy while staying healthy.

Paula Ward, of Pulmonary Cardiac Rehabilitation, said: “They are able to exercise on our exercise machines while being monitored. We have a telemetry system ”.

So that she can track all changes.

“While they are exercising on our bikes or treadmills – it records their heart rate and heart rate, and then, if there is any concern, we can notify their doctor.”

Ward emphasizes that it is important for cardiac patients to progress without overloading the heart.

“The heart is a muscle and, like any other muscle, it needs to be trained and conditioned.”

“I know everyone with high blood pressure who needs to exercise this heart, it is very important,” said Zaccardelli.

Paula Fonseca