Galle Mayor rejects MOH’s claim – About Your Online Magazine

Galle Municipal Health Medical Officer (MS) Bertram de Silva, in a letter sent on February 2 to the Director of Health Services of the District of Galle, said that the municipal commissioner tested COVID positive recently and his associates were quarantined , but the mayor refused to quarantine and violate health guidelines.

Galle’s mayor, Priyantha Sahabandu, however, dismissed the charges and said that a lawsuit would be brought against the municipal doctor for making complaints against him.

“We had a council meeting on February 18 and a councilman moved a motion calling for an end to the transfer of the Health Division from the City Council outside. The letter was sent the next day. I did not violate the quarantine rules. The letter was also published in the media. I haven’t been called in for a PCR yet. The matter will be brought to court, ” the mayor said.

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Paula Fonseca