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“I understand that every story needs a villain …”

Jamie Spears’ lawyer said supporters of the #FreeBritney movement got it “very badly” when it comes to guarding the star.

Britney was in your father’s care since 2008 due to a court decision that gave him control over much of his assets and finances.

Britney is currently engaged in a legal battle against her father while trying to remove him from the role of conservative. Instead, Britney hopes to nominate someone else for the role and eventually live a more autonomous life.

This week, Jamie Spears’ lawyer Vivian Thoreen told Good Morning America that while she understands the vitriol her client is being subjected to, she is adamant that the #FreeBritney movement is unaware of all sides of the story .

“I understand that every story needs a villain, but people get it all wrong here,” she said. “This is a story about a fiercely loving, dedicated and loyal father who rescued his daughter from a life-threatening situation. People were harming and exploiting her. Jamie saved Britney’s life.”

Thoreen added that his client has been helping his daughter manage her finances since 2008. Jamie’s legal team said that before the tutelage, Britney’s estate was worth $ 2.8 million. Now it’s worth $ 60 million.

“Britney’s assets were clearly being mismanaged and she was being taken advantage of financially by some of those around her,” said Thoreen.

“He collaborated with her to help her regain custody of her children. He brought her finances back from the disaster. And he created a safe environment for her to live her life the way she wants, away from the media that causes her so much pain. . “

Although Jamie Spears recently lost some rights to his daughter’s property, he has since said he is committed to staying in office.

“I have and will continue to provide unshakable love and fierce protection against those with selfish interests and those who seek to harm her or my family,” he said.

A renewed interest in the case of Britney’s guardianship was sparked earlier this month after the release of the New York Times documentary, Framing Britney Spears.

The film did not provide any new information, but it succinctly presented the details of Britney’s case against her father and the intense criticism she has endured at the hands of the media throughout her career.

You can watch Framing Britney Spears on NOWTV now.

Paula Fonseca