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Singapore – A 31-year-old man was fined S$ 4,200 by the State Court on Thursday (February 25) for chasing a woman who sold him an insurance policy.

Simon Lee Yong Sheng pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawful harassment of the woman, whose name and age remained hidden for her protection.

The two met at a Prudential insurance roadshow in 2017, after which he began to chase her romantically. The insurance broker rejected his romantic advances and told him that he only wanted to communicate with him for professional reasons.

Unfortunately, he did not accept no and continued to pursue her, to the point of following her and showing up at his clients’ house.

He repeatedly ignored his requests to stop contacting her and, at one point, threatened to cancel the insurance policy he had purchased from her.

Lee also sent gifts to his workplace on special occasions. The victim asked him to stop doing this, as this could get him in trouble with his superiors.

In 2019, the unwanted attention and harassment she received became alarming when Lee followed her on the train from Novena MRT station to Newton MRT station on July 16 of that year.

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Later that year, on November 8, 2019, the woman met customers at a cafe along Gopeng Street when Lee arrived. He refused to leave, which made the insurance broker fear for his safety.

She then asked her customers if she could come home with them. There, Lee waited on the empty deck of the HDB block.

Last year, on February 11, Lee accompanied the woman to work and only left when the woman asked the security guard for help. A co-worker of hers called the police.

Since Lee was the insurance broker’s client, she needed to remain accessible for insurance policy issues and could not prevent him from contacting her. She also could not end her professional relationship, as it would affect her work, according to public prosecutor Yee Jia Rong.

The DPP asked Lee to receive the maximum fine of $ 5,000, as he pursued his victim for an “exceptionally long period”, he said, even after she asked him to stop several times.

However, Mr. Irving Choh, the defense attorney, asked for a fine of just $ 3,000 to be imposed on his client.

Along with the fine, Lee could have ended up in prison for up to a year.


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