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Wood County Mobile Meals employee Angie Bradford smelled gas as soon as she opened the door.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio – Angie Bradford is one of many Mobile Meals workers who continued to deliver food to customers during the pandemic. But Bradford went beyond just delivering meals on a recent visit to client Carole Harding’s home.

“On that particular day, her door was locked, so I knocked and heard her kind of stagger. And I heard her say, ‘My legs aren’t working,'” said Bradford.

Bradford realized something was wrong and so was Harding.

“I heard the lady at the door bringing my food and tried to get up to let her in and I couldn’t. I couldn’t get off the couch, ”said Harding.

Finally, Bradford managed to open the door.

Upon entering, she immediately checked the stove, only to find the burner, but there was no flame.

“The first thing I did was turn off the burner and then I opened the windows and made her sit next to one of the windows so that I knew she was getting fresh air,” she said

Harding was extremely grateful that Bradford arrived on time, so much so that she wrote Bradford a check for $ 77 – one dollar for every year she lives.

“Wow, I’ll tell you it was the scariest time for me! I thanked God!” said Harding. “I felt like he wasn’t done with me yet, there is something else I need to do, there really is. And I am very grateful.”

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