PA News, Lamar University hosting virtual Port Arthur parks/election town hall March 10 – Port Arthur News – About Your Online Magazine

After a postponement due to the winter freeze, the Port Arthur News joint project with Lamar University in a virtual city hall for the May 1 elections in Port Arthur is back.

The online event can be seen by everyone live from 15:00 to 16:00 March 10.

The event will be shared and opened on the various Facebook and YouTube pages of the newspaper and the college. He focuses on the Port Arthur election proposal, giving voters a chance to reallocate sales tax funds to improve two of the city’s parks, making them premium parks.

Locations include the largest park in the city, S / Sgt. Lucian Adams Park on 61st Street adjacent to Memorial High School and Rose Hill Park on Woodworth Boulevard and Procter Street.

Many thanks to Mayor Pro Tem Charlotte Moses, who represents Port Arthur’s position 7 on the city council, for joining us in the virtual city hall.

A representative from the city’s park department will also be on hand to answer questions and inform viewers.

The city will include a professional moderator and time for the community to ask questions.

Paula Fonseca