Rihanna checking into ‘love rehab’ to get over He Who Shall Not Be Named? – About Your Online Magazine

No, not Voldemort (although we didn’t go through it), the other. Single Rihanna it is constantly associated with what we don’t even want to talk about anymore. It seems that even she got sick of him and supposedly signed up for love therapy to finally kick him to the curb forever.

Riri is said to crave the ‘love of her life’ Chris Brown himself after his recent separation and his decision to rekindle his relationship with the stylist Karreuche Tran, and is thinking about going to a clinic for a heart-breaking therapy course to overcome it forever and is likely to start the 12-step program – which follows the same format as alcohol and drug rehab – during his six-week break from his ‘Diamonds World Tour’ at The Ranch clinic in Tennessee, or The Ranch clinic is probably recovering to get some press on its own.

A ‘source’ said Grazia magazine: ‘Rihanna is still desperately in love with Chris [the turdburger]. It’s like she’s obsessed with him, and although he told her it’s over, she just can’t forget it. After talking to a psychotherapist, Rihanna is now considering doing a 12-step program to get rid of her demons. ‘

The Ranch’s ‘Women’s Love and Addiction Treatment Program’ helps women with problems of ‘attracting troubled, addicted, abusive or otherwise emotionally unavailable partners’ using treatments as varied as counseling and equine therapy.

Rihanna’s relationship lasted three years, but broke up in February 2009, when he assaulted her after a pre-Grammy party. After a two-year romance with Karrueche, He Who Shall Not Be Named and Rihanna announced that they were officially a couple again in January 2013, after months of speculation and the confused idiot claimed he was in love with “two women”, but his romance turbulent now ended again.

Paula Fonseca