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Jason Ravnsborg's impeachment

Jason Ravnsborg, South Dakota Attorney General in Washington, DC, in September 2019. Alex Wong / Getty Images

  • South Dakota’s attorney general is facing impeachment and resignations.

  • AG Jason Ravnsborg was charged with three minor offenses in connection with a fatal car accident.

  • New details have since emerged with the victim’s glasses found in Ravnsborg’s car.

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South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg faces impeachment process and asks for his resignation on criminal charges in connection with a fatal hit and run accident.

Ravnsborg was accused of three misdemeanors last week, after saying initially that he thought he had hit a deer, not a person. Pressure for his dismissal increased on Wednesday, when it became public that the victim’s glasses were found in Ravnsborg’s car.

“His face was on your windshield, Jason. Think about it,” a detective told the AG in an interrogation on September 30, whose video was released on Tuesday.

The video came from South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who asked for Ravnsborg’s resignation earlier in the day. Republicans in the state legislature also filed for impeachment on Tuesday.

On thursday, Noem promised that he would release more documents around the investigation, and the The Republican spokesman outlined the next steps for impeachment, which include the formation of a committee with ten legislators to investigate whether the conduct constitutes an impeachable crime.

Notably, Noem and the lawmakers who filed the impeachment articles are fellow Republicans, with Ravnsborg elected to office in 2018 after securing his nomination at the South Dakota Republican Party convention.

Research materials released in the past few days cast doubt on Ravnsborg’s early history. Telephone records show that he signed in to a Yahoo email account and visited news sites minutes before calling 911, according to a compilation of Leader Argus Sioux Falls newspaper.

After leaving a meeting to announce the impeachment articles on Tuesday, Republican state deputy Will Mortenson de Pierre said the attorney general should not go to prison, but needs to be held accountable.

“This is not political and it is not personal,” said Mortenson. “Again, I do not believe that Attorney General Ravnsborg belongs to the prison, but I know that he no longer belongs to the Attorney General’s Office.”

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