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List of food items for food bank donation went viral.


  • A list suggesting what should be donated to food banks has gone viral.
  • The post exposed some interesting facts, which made it quite useful.
  • See how Twitter reacted to this viral post.

The Coronavirus pandemic had more ramifications than we probably know. In addition to the fear of the virus, food security posed a major problem for disadvantaged people around the world. Community food banks have brought much relief by offering food and food-related products through donations. But many people who wanted to donate didn’t really know what to give to these food pantries. Many food banks reported that they received many useless things, which did not help at all. A social media post describing useful food donations with logical explanations went viral; help people find out what to donate, and do a very good reading.

A Twitter user posted a screenshot of the list she found on the internet and decided to share it with others. She wrote: “I saw this on FB and it’s the best food pantry donation list I’ve ever seen. Usually, posts like this end up embarrassing the donor for what they do or don’t give, or embarrassing the recipient for what they do or not to eat. As a former pantry employee, I endorse! “

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The list includes more than 20 foods and food-related things that can really be useful for food banks. The list explains why each item can be beneficial for distribution to people in need.

For example, the post explains that they put a lot of Mac and Cheese in the box, but he needs milk and butter too, which people can’t really find in food banks. Good point here! The list goes on to state that boxed milk can be a good option to donate.

The post received praise and several responses from people. Some were grateful for the post:

“Thank you so much for that! During the pandemic, we try to contribute to our local food pantry every week. The volunteers who distribute things don’t really know what to tell us to donate, so there are a ton of ideas here. Especially non-food things. I did not know! “

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Some offered their own suggestions for donations to food banks:

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