Idaho Falls man arrested for first-degree stalking | Crime & Courts – About Your Online Magazine

An Idaho Falls man was charged with first-degree persecution after violating a civil protection order several times.

Court records say that Matthew Allen Morey, 27, allegedly threatened the victim and made several attempts to contact her after a civil protection order was filed.

In response to a civil lawsuit filed against the victim and Morey, the victim claims that Morey broke into a rental trailer where she lived and seriously damaged it. The victim said he was not at home at the time and had been out for days out of concern for how Morey would react to the civil protection order.

According to the probable cause statement, the victim gave police officers from the Idaho Falls Police Department copies of recorded calls from Morey, as well as copies of text messages he had sent her. In the text messages, Morey accused the victim of lying.

Morey admitted to contacting the victim. The statement states that he had been cited twice before for violating the civil protection order. Morey told police he received the civil protection order, but did not read it.

First degree harassment is punishable by up to five years in prison. He was referred to the district court after a preliminary hearing on Wednesday and is scheduled to be processed at 9:00 am, March 8, at the Bonneville District Court.

Paula Fonseca