Hays CISD starts credit recovery early, with more failing students than normal due to pandemic stresses – About Your Online Magazine

HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) – Some students from the Hays Consolidated Independent School District who are left behind have more time to get their grades.

The district is starting early, offering high school students the chance to make up for the failing classes. Typically, the district does this by taking summer school.

But, according to Hays CISD, thousands of students failed classes in the last semester and need more time. The district believes this is a direct result of the pandemic that forced students to leave the classroom for virtual learning.

Jennifer Taylor, a mother in the district, has three high school students. She understands first-hand the multiple ways in which a pandemic can affect students.

“I have a senior, a sophomore and a freshman,” said Taylor. “My veteran and my freshman have been fighting.”

It has been difficult. But she said she wants her kids to keep pushing.

“At some point, children have to do the job,” said Taylor.

Still, Taylor supports the district in promoting high school credit recovery starting this semester.

“Making these decisions at the district level must be very difficult,” said Taylor.

According to Hays CISD, almost a quarter of students failed a class last semester. This is almost double compared to previous semesters.

Graph of percentages of Hays CISD students who received a failing grade or grades in previous semesters

Hays CISD said that more than 2,700 of its high school students need to recover credits.

“Our top priority is to educate students,” said Derek McDaniel, director of curriculum and instruction at Hays CISD. “And we have to make sure that they are ready for the continuation of the courses.”

Credit recovery will be different for each campus, and the district said letters will be sent home telling parents what is going on.

“Each unit has a pre-assessment that will identify the goals that a student needs to master,” said McDaniel. “If they dominate them – they move on. If they do not, we will provide the necessary support and instructions. “

Taylor expects his students and others to continue to work hard, despite the challenges that the pandemic has created.

“I hope my kids do the job, but they also need to be responsible,” said Taylor.

Hays CISD is also giving high school students several opportunities to recover grades throughout the semester, described in the chart below.

There is ‘Assignment Repair’, during the nine weeks, and ‘Degree Repair’, before the transcripts are completed at the end of the semester.

Paula Fonseca