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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – For almost a year, the pandemic kept the family away from their loved ones by dying in hospitals. This includes a family of firefighters, medical professionals and first responders who lost their father in January. Now, they are trying to raise enough money to ensure that a hospitalized loved one can at least be reached via a video call.

“He didn’t want to be alone. He didn’t want to die alone, ”said Sheila Miller.

The photo matches the story
Charles Foughty and his family.

She and her brothers, the children of the late Charles Foughty, were forced to part with him at VA Medical Center after bringing him in to check out. It was only when they arrived that they discovered that the 79-year-old man had COVID-19.

“I prayed with him,” said Miller. “He said: ‘I will be fine, I have been to a hospital before’. I said, ‘I know, Dad. We love you and you will not be alone. “

But those words were filled with guilt and fear, knowing that it was very possible that they would never see him again.

In fact, it was three weeks before they could get their eyes on him again, when the team held up one of the two iPads the hospital had in hand, so that his family could be present with him in some way in his final hours.

“We prayed for him, played some songs for him, read the scriptures about him,” said his daughter, Cassie Williams. “Just the comfort for us to know that he knew we were there, we felt that he was comforted because he could hear our voices.”

The photo matches the story
Charles Foughty receiving affectionate messages from his family live via an iPad.

His family was blessed to be present with him when he passed.

Now they hope to use their pain and memory for good.

“There are so many people going through the same thing,” said Cassie’s husband, Shane.

They started a GoFundMe account to raise enough money to put 10 iPads, along with stands, in 10 Oklahoma hospitals. They want to make sure that no one is forced to go through the hospital alone, and that their loved ones can have the crucial moments of togetherness and closure in these difficult times.

If they raise enough money, they hope to put iPads in nursing homes as well.

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