LSCO, LSCPA offer BOGO deal on summer classes – About Your Online Magazine

Two southeastern Texas community colleges are using federal funds to offer student discounts this summer and next fall.

Lamar State College Orange and Lamar State College Port Arthur are offering a class, buy one, get a free one for the summer semesters of 2021 and double for the fall semester of 2021 with the purchase of two classes, get two for free.

The two state colleges received funding authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Aid and Economic Security Act (CARES) and will finance the opportunity for any student who wants to take advantage of a discounted diploma or certificate.

“We are excited to offer this opportunity to new and old students,” said Betty Reynard, president of LSCPA, in a statement. “The pandemic has affected us all to varying degrees and this is a way of helping our community to come out on the other side better than when we started.”

The offer is valid until all funds allocated for scholarships have been disbursed, the college said in a joint press release, adding that “it is important to apply for summer and fall as soon as possible.”

For summer classes in 2021, tuition and fees for a three-hour credit course, up to $ 399 for students with non-double credit and $ 150 for students with double credit, will be paid for each student who signs up and pays for a course at the post tuition and fees

“LSCO is excited to support our community during these challenging times,” said LSCO President Thomas Johnson, “Through this offer, more students will be able to access higher education in our region. This is in line with our mission to transform lives and create a bright and orange future. “

For Fall 2021 classes, students who pay the posted tuition fee and fees for a three-hour credit course will receive a scholarship to pay for an additional three-hour credit course. Students who pay for two courses of three credit hours will receive a scholarship to pay for two additional courses of three credit hours. Receiving six free hours on the LSCPA is a savings of more than $ 1,100, according to the school.

To get as much financial assistance as possible in addition to the Buy One, Get One offer, students must complete and submit the Free Federal Student Aid Form 2020-21 (FAFSA), as well as the FAFSA 2021-22 for the fall registration. The school code for LSCO is 016748 and for LSCPA the school code is 016666.

Paula Fonseca